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2024 Jag Select Registration Information

JAG Select Evaluation/Try-Out Dates are now available.

There are four tryout dates remaining:

Feb 21
Feb 28
Mar 12
Mar 21

You need only to attend one session to be considered for a team, but we highly recommend attending as many as possible to get some extra skill work in and get to know coaches and the program better.

JAG Select Evaluation Schedule Link
Jag Select FAQ
What is the length of the season?

2-3 months. Tournament play will begin in April. Most teams wrap up in late May or June. Some will play into July if there is interest. Teams play 6-7 tournaments. Most tournaments are one day. One or two tournaments may be two-day weekend events.

What is the practice schedule like? You will have one or two practices per week with your team and there will be optional open runs/skill sessions available. Practice dates will be determined with your team and coach after rosters are set. Practices are 90min-2hours in length.

How many players are on each team?

Ideally 9-11 players per team.

What is the price to be on a JAG Select Team?

Price can vary based on the ability level of your team and the number of tournaments the team plays away from JAG. Most teams will play all of their tournaments at JAG and the price per player will be between $600-$800. This price will increase for teams playing more or higher profile tournaments away from JAG.

What age group should I sign up for?

17U - Entering 12th grade in the fall of 2024
16U - Entering 11th grade in the fall of 2024
15U - Entering 10th grade in the fall of 2024
14U - Entering 9th grade in the fall of 2024
13U - Entering 8th grade in the fall of 2024
12U - Entering 7th grade in the fall of 2024
11U - Entering 6th grade in the fall of 2024
10U - Entering 5th grade in the fall of 2024
9U - Entering 4th grade in the fall of 2024



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